Ready-Mixed Concrete

Characteristics of Asia Ready-Mixed Concrete

We strive for the finest quality.

In order to maintain the highest of quality, we manufacture our products by our much stricter quality standards than the official KS specifications. We also make most efforts to improve customer satisfaction with our state-of-the-art facility. Blending our quality cement with proper ingredients from local areas, we provide a variety of concrete products from standard to high-strength and fluidity concretes as well as other high-function concretes.
We thoroughly manage our resources with ERP program and conduct over 35 hours of education and training sessions, quality TF competition and technology seminars.

We take A/S (warranty) and customer satisfaction seriously.

We monitor customer demands real-time and have structured our system for prompt and satisfactory A/S (warranty). We listen to our customers closely and opt for making improvements in advance rather than fixing problems after.

We make continuous quality development.

The researchers at our construct materials research center continue to make quality improvements. We have selected the finest research members through industry-university cooperation who continue to make product enhancements through R&D and collection of information. Our R&D teams and technical sales teams strive to supply customized products for our customers, and we operate TQM office to maintain our machineries at optimal condition.

Ready-Mixed Concrete is a type of concrete that is already mixed in proper proportion and delivered to customer via Ready-Mixed Concrete truck.

Because Ready-Mixed Concrete must be applied at the construction site prior to hydration, its range of supply is restricted.

Also, there are a vast number of mixing ratio as well as maximum allowable aggregate size, compressive strength and slump mix, making Ready-Mixed Concrete best for customized orders.

Therefore, we use high-quality type 1 Portland cement to concentrate on manufacturing Normal concrete as well as highly functional concrete products including high-strength and high-fluidity concrete, ultra-high-strength concrete (80MPa) and low-heat concrete.

We are also well equipped to manufacture specialty concrete products such as pervious, shot and watertight concrete in addition to low-heat concrete, great for deterring cracks.

Overall, our management and manufacturing system can promptly and accurately respond to your assorted requirements for a wide range of high-quality and high-performance cement products.

July 1979 - Acquired KS certificate
October 1998 - Acquired KSA / ISO9002 certificates

Ready-Mixed Concrete Specifications

■ Max. Dimension of Aggregates (mm): 15, 20, 25

■ Nominal Strength after 28 Days (MPa):
Standard Strength: 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 35
High-strength: 40, 45, 50, 55, 60
Pavement Concrete: Bending 4.0, 4.5

■ Slump / Slump Flow (mm)
80, 120, 150, 180, 210 / 500, 600, 700

■ What is max dimension of aggregates?
The diameter of aggregate contents mixed in the concrete cannot exceed certain dimension. Generally, they are categorized by 20, 25 and 40mm. Those below 25mm are used in reinforced concrete and those over 40mm in plain concrete.

■ What is nominal strength?
Compressive strength of 18MPa after 28 days as basis, there are wide range of required strengths for different uses.

■ What is slump?
It refers to the consistency of concrete mix. Higher value indicates higher fluidity. It generally ranges from 50 to 210mm.

* With diverse combinations of aggregate size, nominal strength and slump, there are over 100 different specifications for Ready-Mixed Concrete.

  • Normal Concrete
    A type of concrete composed of aggregate, binder, water and chemical admixture, with standard strength
    Asia Cement uses high-quality type 1 Portland cement with low W/C and water and makes highly durable concrete. It retains high usability, even for...
  • High-Strength Concrete
    A type of concrete with strength of over 40MPa in standard concrete and over 27MPa in light-aggregate concrete
    We were the first in nation to mass produce this line of ultra-high-strength and high fluidity concrete. It is mostly used on low-floor co...
  • High-fluidity Concrete
    With slump between 210 and 240mm and slump flow between 450 and 700mm, this concrete product can be made for a wide range of strength from high to ultra-high strengths.
    It retains high fluidity and workability at any floor from high to low and does ...
  • Low-heat Concrete
    A type of concrete with reduced heat of hydration by substituting admixtures, such as fly ash, and blast furnace slag powder, in order to prevent cracks due to drying shrinkage or heat of hydration
    Because of continuously increasing strength, the in...
  • Cold-weather Concrete
    A type of concrete used in situations where the expected daily average temperature is below 4℃
    In principle, AE concrete must be used, and in order to prevent early frost damage, the unit quantity must be as small as possible as long as required wor...
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