Ethical Management

Ethical Value Judgment Criteria for Stakeholders

The Code of Conduct stipulates the standards for correct behavior and ethical value judgment that Asia Cement must keepfor all stakeholders.

Basic principles
Individual dignity
and diversity
According to the law
and business ethics.
Through accurate
accounting records.
Principles for Customers
  • -Putting customer value first in management .
  • -Provide fair opportunities to partners and ensure reasonable transaction conditions to develop mutual growth relationships .
  • -Protect the physical and intellectual property rights of subcontractors and protect all information of subcontractors .
  • -Pursue competition in good faith with competitors and observe fair trade practices .
Principles for Shareholders
  • -Realize legitimate interests through transparent decision-making and efficient business activities.
  • -Increase corporate value through continuous management innovation and growth strategy.
  • -Respect shareholders' rights and investment returns, and provide necessary information in a timely manner.
Principles for Employees
  • -Respect individual creativity and provide opportunities for fair competition so that it becomes a place for self-realization.
  • -We do not discriminate on the grounds of academic background , region , gender , age , religion, etc.
  • -Establish a developmental corporate culture based on mutual trust and understanding.
Principles for State and Society
  • -Comply with national policies and laws and fulfill corporate social responsibilities .
  • -Respect the tradition and culture of the local community and strive for common prosperity and development .
  • -Comply with generally accepted international laws and accounting standards related to human rights , environment , culture and economy .
  • -Pursue low- carbon green growth and comply with environmental laws and regulations