Company Overview

Vision & Management Philosophy

Asia Cement’s vision is ‘a company which creates values taking care of people and the environment’ as a message to express the direction sought by Asia focusing on the values that may contribute to its members and outside interested parties.

Creating Value - A company which provides opportunities to increase life quality to all interested parties , Environment - A company which puts into practices the environment-friendly management to care for and purify environment, People - A company which respects and loves people

Vision Declaration

Asia Cement has wisely overcome many changes and challenges in the past century to face a new era.
The new 21st century is an information-oriented society in which the national economy and enterprise environment are rapidly changing unlike the past industrial society, and their changing speed is expected to be more accelerated in the future.

Industrial diversification, globalization and soft-orientation as well as knowledge-based industrialization and enhanced environmental regulations require a state to play its responsibilities and roles in international communities as a member of global society rather than an independent individual state. A company is also required to seek globalization as an organism which has to achieve survival and growth in the global market rather than those activities under closed economic system, in order to maintain its existence as a sustainable company.

Under such internal and external environments and conditions, Asia Cement will set the objectives and direction of ‘Vision 21’ shared and implemented by its executives and staffs to become a stronger company in the new era as appropriate for the current environment and condition. It aims to lay the foundation to jump up to be a leading company in the world through:

  • 1. Management for creating value based on creativity and knowledge
  • 2. Environment-friendly & human-oriented management
  • 3. Management for customer satisfaction with full social responsibility

For these, all executives and staffs will make consistent efforts to build future capabilities; completely establish more efficient systems across all management aspects to maximize organizational synergy effect through sufficient internal communications; accomplish its vision by implementing appropriate management strategies.

Asia Cement’s management philosophies are

‘Adventurous Actions, Creative Thinking, Knowledge Accumulation & Development’ which define desirable work attitudes of all executives and staffs based on its vision.

Challenge-Adventurous Action

Challenge- Adventurous Action

Adventurous actions that challenge new things for better outcomes without being complacent with the present is the attitude consistently pursued by Asia members.



A company and its members can constantly innovate and develop through creative thinking.



Knowledge, as the source of business competitiveness, develops competency of executives and staffs and aims at the best talents and the highest performance.