Environmental Management
Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction
Response to climate change Plan
To face up to strengthened 2050 carbon neutrality plan, it is important for us to cope with 2050 net zero plan for our sustainable development. Asia Cement invests in the development of eco-friendly products and alternative fuel. Consequently, it is highly expected to reduce fossi fuel as well as process emission.
Immerse participation in government policy
To meet 2030 reduction requirement already announced in 2015 by Korean government, our engagement in a CO2 reduction has been complimented in from 2016 to 2018 by an recognition and an incentive for early-stage reducion performance by Korean government as well as Minstry of Environment. We continue to enhance our activies to achieve the greenhouse gas emssion reduction target as well as to respond effectively to the Emissions Trading Scheme .
Reenhouse Gas Reduction Activities
Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant in Operation
The Asia Cement’s main plant in Jecheon plant uses renewable energy in part by operating waste heat recovery power generation plant.
Tree Planting Event
As one of our efforts to emit less, we annually plants trees around all of business sites, including the Jecheon main plant, to creates green areas that absorbes greenhouse gas .
Year Dropsy Quantity(pattern) Planting site
2020 Strobe pine , pine , azalea 822 In front of the main gate , guard post , dormitory, etc.
2021 Pine tree , cypress tree , azalea 508 Playgrounds , factories , mine slopes, etc.
2022 Strobe pine , pine , oak , acacia 3,840 Mine , Playground , Masato Field, etc.
2023 Pine tree, Cherry tree, King of Barant, Emerald green 5,600 Factory, Playground (parking lot)
2024 Strobe pine, Oak 4,300 Company housing site, Mine
Resource Recycling
Alternative Raw Materials and Fuels
Asia Cement recycles slag from the steel industry , fly ash from thermal power plants , and industrial by-products, sludge , which ususally discarded as waste, as alternative raw materials. etc. In addition, the Jecheon Plant is taking the lead in preventing environmental pollution by reusing a house coal wastes generated in Jecheon for local community’s welfare. Asia Cement has collaborated with Jecheon City Hall to recycle green house’s film collected from fruit farms.