Subsidiaries / Affiliates
Asia Holdings Homepage >
Asia Holdings is a holding company that dominates Korean cement industry and linerboard paper industry by holding Asia Cement, Halla Cement and Asia paper. Asia holdings goes to be the best in all current business areas and continues to grow into a new business development.
CEO and President Mr. Oh Ki-ho
Established April 26, 1957
Address 430, Nonhyeon- ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Type of Business Management consulting
Asia Paper Homepage >
Since its establishment in 1958, Asia Paper has grown to a top Korean paper company who produces corrugated cardboard, gypsum board and craft paper in its 1 million tons of production capacity, which are the basic sources of industrial packaging materials.
CEO and President Mr. Yu Seung-hwan / Mr. Lee Hyun-tak
Established March 7 , 1958
Address 430, Nonhyeon -ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Type of Business Linerboard Production and sales
Kyungsan Paper Homepage >
Kyungsan Paper is a highly specialized paper company that produces a linerboard in souther province of Korea.
CEO and President Mr. Kim Mun-seong
Established September 1 , 1987
Address 35, Biseul-ro 96-gil, Yuga-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu
Type of Business Linerboard production and sale
Cheil Industrial Homepage >
Cheil Industrial is a leading corrugated cardboard company with nationwide advanced production plants and network across Korea. The company goes forward with an automated warehouse and inventory management through all production plants.
CEO and President Mr. Min Byung-moo / Mr. Park Min-gyu
Established April 1 , 1975
Address 456 , eunhaengTree -ro , Yanggam -myeon, Hwaseong -si, Gyeonggi-do
Type of Business Cardboard Production
A-Pack Homepage >
A-Pack produces a professional fail-safe corrugated board special to fishery products and farm products that are wet and heavy, with its production experience and facilities. Its location adjacent Pusan, where a Korean largest harbor lies, the company has developed its specialty thereon.
CEO and President Mr. Seo Yong-soo
Established August 1 , 1973
Address 12 Sanmak Gongdannam 5 - gil, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
Type of Business Corrugated cardboard fabric manufacturing , corrug
Yujin Fiber Board Homepage >
Yujin Fiber Board is a long-standing corrugated paper packaging company who developed a corrugated packaging market from 1970 when founded, embraces for a new market trend in Seoul-metropolitan area.
CEO and President Mr. Min Byung-moo / Mr. Park Min-gyu
Established April 11 , 1970
Address 34, Manhae-ro, Siheung-si , Gyeonggi-do
Type of Business Manufacture and sale of corrugated cardboard fabri