The best cement is produced when rich resources are combined with the most advanced technology.

Asia Cement owns the limestone mine which contains the largest amount of reserves that are the best quality among domestic cement businesses.
Asia Cement realizes energy saving as well as quality innovation and increased productivity through modernization of the key facility of cement processes, Kiln.
With production of high flowable cement appropriate for super tall building, the reputation of Asia Cement for superior technology and quality continues.

The first appearance of cement in human history can be traced to about 5,000 years ago.

The currently existing oldest thing made of cement by human beings is the pyramid in Egypt. The cement used at that time was lime and plaster. In other words, the raw lime generated by baking limestone and burnt plaster were used as the adhesive agent in building the stones. When cement is defined as inorganic adhesive agent, this is non-hydraulic cement, which is a live cultural ancestor of current cement.

After that, mortar made of mixture of slaked lime and sand was used in the ancient Greek and Roman periods. At that time, it was known that the mortar mixed with volcanic ash had greater durability, and the volcanic ash from Santorin Island or Pozzuoli region was widely used.

  • Portland Cement
    Ordinary Portland Cement(Type 1) : Most frequently used for multi purposes
    Moderate Heat Portland Cement(Type 2) : Superior long-term strength to type 1
    High Early-Strength Portland Cement (Type 3) : Excellent early strength and superior streng...
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