Jecheon Technology Research Center & Yongin Construction Material Research Center
In order to develop products reflecting customer needs and improve quality satisfaction, Asia Cement established two research institutes, Jecheon Technical Research Institute and Yongin Construction Research Institute, and is dedicated to R&D to supply products such as Cement, Ready-Mixed Concrete, Dry Mortar, Speciality Cement, and Aggregate.
The laboratory's core testing facilities include a fluorescent X-ray analyzer (XRF), an X-ray diffraction analyzer (XRD), a polarization microscope, a porosimeter, and a hydration heat meter. Using this, we are focusing on quality control and development of new products for cement, concrete, secondary products, and dry mortar. As a result of its efforts to create future value based on the latest facilities, professional researchers, and industry-academic cooperation, Asia Cement has registered more than 40 patents with the Korean Intellectual Property Office.
The 2050 Carbon Neutral Policy, which should respond to the climate crisis, strengthens the customer's demand for low-carbon eco-friendly products, proactively responds to the increasing demand for low-carbon eco-friendly products, and expands the development of eco-friendly solutions to customers.
Research Institute History (Jecheon Technology Research Institute, Yongin Construction Research Institute)
July 1998
Establishment & Approval of Jecheon Technical Research Institute
February 2005
Establishment of Yongin Construction Research Institute
February 2013
Approved by the department dedicated to R&D of Yongin Construction Research Institute
As of today
13 people from Jecheon Technical Research Institute and 7 people from Yongin Construction Research Institute.