Sustainability Report
Report Overview
Asia , Asia Cement , Halla Cement , and Asia Paper have jointly published their first combined sustainability report to transparently disclose their sustainable management activities in the economic, social , and environmental sectors to stakeholders . This sustainability report includes all of the company's ESG management strategies and performances in their active responses to stakeholders' interest in the environment , society , and governance. we will also consider issuing an annual integrated report or an individual annual report for each company. Asia and all affiliates will make our way to fulfill their social responsibilities by meeting stakeholders’ expectations and demands.
Report Standards
This sustainability report is written based on the Core Option of the International Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (GRI). The report focuses on the domestic business sites of four companies: Asia , Asia Cement , Halla Cement , and Asia Paper. More separate explanations on the report have been added on to matters that would be asked for attention thereon. If there is a restriction on data collection, it is excluded from the reporting scope and the scope is specified through a separate explanation . Some of the contents of this report do not match the business report of the company, due to the difference in reporting standards between the sustainability report and the business auditing report . Within the reporting scope of this report, all of them have been prepared with the same standards.
Reporting Period
The reporting period for this report comes from January 1 to December 31 , 2021, and applied data covers for three years period from 2019 to 2021. some qualitative activities and performances in the first half of 2022 were also included.
Report Inquiry
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