Safety and Health Management
VFL Activity
In VFL activities, our top management reguarlily visits the work site in person every month and talk a safety conversations with field workers, conveying the management's belief and commitment to safety, which makes workers feel the safety culture, and checking overall safety and health issues together.
Safety Education / Inspection Day
The first and third Mondays of each month as Safety Education Day and the second Monday of each month as Safety Inspection Day to create a safety culture and create a safe workplace.
Cooperative Safety Inspection and Safety and Health Council Operation
For the safety and health management of suppliers, we are doing our best to ensure a pleasant working environment by holding a joint safety inspection (1/quarter) and a safety and health committee (1/month) for all companies.
SFA (Safety First Asiacement ) Safety Behavior Management Activities
It is a safety management activity that is promoted to continuously maintain an accident-free workplace by changing the safety mindset and behavior of all employees of Asia Cement .
Safety Education
Leadership Competency Development Training by Class
CPR Training
Emergency Response Training
In the event of emergency, it is possible to minimize human / material damage and loss by responding quickly and efficiently . Therefore , we are continuously conducting response drills for quick response and response in the event of an emergency .