Ethical Management

Criteria for Judging Ethical Conflict at Work

The Code of Conduct is a set of standards for behavioral judgment for ethical conflict situations that may arise in the course of business so that employees can understand and practice the Code of Ethics .

Responsibilities and Obligations to Customers
Sincere Provision of Information
  • -Providing truthful information to customers and distributing false facts or false information . do not provide
  • -We diligently notify customers of matters that require attention in use for the safety of customers.
Customer Information Protection
  • -Customer information must be thoroughly protected , and customer information is not provided to third parties . In addition, customer information after a certain period of time is discarded.
Customer Oriented
  • -Think from the customer's point of view and always listen to the voice of the customer
  • -The best products and services with the belief that “ a company exists because of its customers ”
  • -Respect customers and keep promises with customers
Fair Competition and Trade
Fair Competition
  • -Obtain all information from competitors through legitimate methods and use them legitimately
  • -Secure a competitive advantage in a legitimate way without slandering competitors or exploiting their weaknesses
Square Deal
  • -Establish and implement various regulations and systems so that customers can be selected and registered based on fair evaluation standards
  • -Fairly evaluated transaction results are notified to business partners, and sound opinions presented for improvement and innovation are actively reflected in work
  • -Do not engage in unfair acts prohibited by monopoly regulation and fair trade laws and regulations
  • -On- site health for the site working with the customer . Implement safety improvement programs and education and training, and create a safe and pleasant working environment
Respect for Related Laws and Business Practices
  • -Respect local laws and business practices
  • -Be familiar with and abide by the Anti-Bribery Law at home and abroad
Basic Ethics for Employees
Maintaining the Dignity of Employees
  • -Conduct moral and ethical actions to maintain the honor of individuals and the company
  • -Do not engage in acts that promote a climate of distrust within the company or undermine a healthy organizational atmosphere
  • -Regarding promotion and transfer, refrain from ostentatious behavior among executives and employees within the company.
Faithful Performance of Duties
  • -Understand the contents of the company's policies and standards and comply with them when performing duties
  • -Required reports on job performance are made in a timely and fair manner
  • -Employees clearly understand their mission, do their best to achieve it, and take responsibility for the results.
  • -Maintain fairness with stakeholders in relation to work and do not engage in unjust acts
  • -Do not engage in activities that benefit a specific company or organization by using the position or duties of the company
Protection of Company Assets and Confidentiality
  • -The company establishes the necessary systems to nurture executives and employees into autonomous and creative talents, vitalizes them, and actively supports them.
  • -The company should fairly evaluate executives and employees according to their abilities and ensure that reasonable compensation is given , and personnel management follows the principle of personal punishment.
  • -The company takes appropriate measures for the health and safety of its employees.
  • -The company protects the privacy and human rights of individuals and supports the creation of an organizational culture of mutual trust and respect.
  • -Employees do not engage in any cheating from stakeholders, such as money and valuables , preferential treatment , and convenience.
  • -Employees do not leak the company's intellectual property rights to third parties and do their best to maintain the company's confidentiality.
  • -Employees strive for continuous self-development, respect individual creative ideas, and pursue constant change.
  • -Employees must not engage in acts of illegally leaking or using company assets ( embezzlement of public funds, diversion of public funds , leakage of property , use for other purposes, etc. )
  • -Employees do not engage in any words or actions that constitute sexual harassment, such as hindering good customs or inducing sexual shame, as sexual harassment within the company damages the image of individuals and the company.
Responsibilities to the State and Society
Protection of Shareholder Rights and Interests
  • -Respect shareholders' right to know about the company and faithfully disclose company information to shareholders
  • -Processing and reporting of accounting data complies with international standards and general accounting standards.
Contribution to National and Social Development
  • -Provide fair employment opportunities to anyone without discrimination based on academic background , gender , or region
  • -We humbly accept and strive to resolve the legitimate demands of all walks of life and local residents.
  • -Since the company is politically neutral in principle, be careful not to misunderstand the individual's political views as the company's position .
  • -Pursue sustainable development that harmonizes and balances each other without wasting resources or deteriorating conditions, such as the economy , society , and environment, to be used by future generations
  • -Fulfill corporate social responsibilities, such as development of culture and arts , social service, etc.
Protection of the Environment
  • -Pursue low- carbon green growth, comply with environmental laws and regulations, and strive to protect the environment in all business activities
  • -Securing and operating pollution prevention facilities and personnel necessary to prevent environmental pollution.