Asia Cement responds to various customer needs along with the skyscraper and large size of the building structure.
We have made bold investments and active efforts in R&D to supply eco-friendly products such as CO2 reduction.

Asia Cement, which has registered a total of 30 patents based on its experience in contributing to the development of the cement industry for more than 50 years since its foundation in 1965, We will continue to do our best in R&D activities to fulfill our role as a leading company in the cement industry.

Research results
Division Research results
1 Production and supply of high-strength concrete for the first time in Korea
2 Development of Cement for the Prevention of Explosion of High Strength Concrete
3 Development and Supply of Premix Cement Binders for Ultra High Strength in Korea First Time
4 Development and Supply of Low-Heat Cement Bonds of Korea's Highest Foundation Mat
5 Development of Cement for Early Strength for Early Mold Removal
6 Development of Cement for Lightweight Foamed Concrete on Site
7 Development of Design Mortal for GRC Building Structures
8 Development of Dust Reduction Cement to Prevent Scattering Dust
9 Development and commercialization of environment-friendly whitening-reducing concrete
10 Development and Commercialization of Cement Bonds for Nonstop Steel/Hyper-Speed Metal
11 Various research projects are being carried out, including the evelopment of combinations for 3D printing.Steel/Hyper-Speed Metal
12 Development of Moltal for Floor Noise Reduction