Company Overview

History of Asia Cement

  • 2021

    • November 01th

      CEO Lim Kyung-tae took office

  • 2018

    • January 17th

      Halla Cement Co., Ltd. was incorporated into a subsidiary

  • 2017

    • October 17th

      Acquired Eco-friendly sign for Fly-ash Cement and four other products

  • 2016

    • November 23th

      Awarded with Presidential Citation for Innovative Production at 42nd National Quality Management Competition (Korea Standards Association)

    • March 3th

      Awarded with the Order of Industrial Service Merit on the 50th Taxpayer's day (Ministry of Strategy and Finance)

    • February 24th

      Won the Grand Prize on the 13th Korea Ethical Management Award (New Industry Management Academy)

    • February 15th

      Acquired the best grade HB(Healthy Building Material) Mark for Portland Cement (Korea Air Cleaning Association)

  • 2015

    • November 20th

      50th year of anniversary of establishment of Asia Cement

  • 2014

    • December

      Asia Cement established ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) System

    • June 24th

      Awarded with the 13th Korea’s Best Company Prize (KCEOA)

    • June 18th

      Awarded with Quality Management Prize in the quality management competition in factory in Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do

    • February 13th

      Awarded with Outstanding Prize in the Transparent Management (economic group 5)

  • 2013

    • January 2nd

      Merged the Asia Paper and Asia Paper tech

    • February 13th

      Selected as an outstanding corporation in the public announcement in security market (Korea Exchange)

    • March 2nd

      President Lee, Hunbum appointed (the 9th president)

    • October 1st

      Converted a holding company’s system

    • December 6th

      Awarded with the 8th Grand Prize for the “1 company-1 village” campaign in the factory in Jecheon (Chungjeong newspaper)

  • 2012

    • April 9th

      Transferred to the subsidiary of AAM

    • July 30th

      Released the Sustainability Management Report for the first time in the field

    • April 14th

      Transferred to the subsidiary of Anong Corporation

    • October 26th

      Awarded with the Best Honorary Prize of National Merit as a member of the Red Cross (the Republic of Korea National Red Cross)

  • 2011

    • March

      Transferred to the subsidiary of Kyungsan Paper Corporation

    • June

      Supplied the low heating cement exclusively to Jamsil Lotte Super Tower

    • September 8th

      Selected as the best company for two times in a row in the field of construction materials with ‘DJSI’ Korea indices chosen by Dow Jones

    • September 27th

      Won the Korea Economic Leader Award 2011(Environmental Management Sector) (Joongang daily Newspaper)

  • 2010

    • March

      President Go, Gyu-Hwan appointed as chairman of Korea Cement Association

    • June

      Development of carbon emission inhibiting environment-friendly eco-concrete (co-development with Lotte Construction Co.)

    • September

      Included in Korean index for construction material in ‘DJSI (sustainability management index)’ selected by Dow Jones (US)

  • 2009

    • March

      President Go, Gyu-Hwan appointed (8th President)

    • March

      Development of world’s first loess ready-mixed-concrete

    • June

      Chairman Lee, Byung-Moo awarded Mugyung Grand Prize

  • 2008

    • July

      Opened California Beach waterpark in Gyeongju World Resort

  • 2007

    • January

      Merger of Jungboo Remicon Co.

    • December

      ISO 14001(environmental management system) certification

  • 2006

    • March

      Acquired Asia Papertech Co., Ltd

    • June

      Completed Daegu Dry Mortar Plant

    • June

      Commercialized concrete cement for 150MPa

  • 2005

    • March

      Completed Asia Construction Material Research Center

    • June

      Chairman Lee, Byung-Moo reappointed as 25th chairman of Yonsei University Alumni

    • October 4th

      Produced the super-strength concrete of 150Mpa (1,500kg/cm2) for the first time in Korea

  • 2004

    • March

      Completed Yongin Plant (Remicon, Dry Mortar)

    • July

      Awarded 2004 Environment-Friendly Management Grand Prize (by Hankyung)

    • August 30th

      Proclamation ceremony for company image (CI)

  • 2003

    • Jan. 1

      M&A of Ajin Construction Co.

    • Apr. 21

      Completed Yongin Remicon Plant (Buk-ri, Namsa-myeon, Yongin, Gyeonggi-do)

    • July

      Asia Industry Development established Asia Remicon co.

    • Sep. 25

      Awarded 2003 Korea’s Best Company (selected by Korea CEO Academy)

  • 2002

    • Jan. 23

      Yujin Fibre Board established Samsung Export Packaging Co.

    • Mar. 27

      Acquired A-Pack Co (former Suyung Industry Co.) by Asia Paper MFG Co.

    • Mar. 15

      Changed company name to Asia Cement Co., Ltd (Former: Asia Cement Industry Co., Ltd)

    • Sep. 12

      Chairman Lee, Byung-Moo appointed as chairman of Yonsei University Alumni(24th)

    • Sep. 17

      President Kim, Dong-Yeol awarded Presidential Prize (at 103th Anniversary of Railway Day)

    • Nov. 15

      All business locations certified as ISO 9001:2000

    • Dec. 22

      10th memorial service of former chairman Seobong Lee, Dong-Ryeong

  • 2001

    • February

      Made PR video “Asia Vision 21’

    • Feb. 28

      Acquired Jungboo Remicon Co.

    • March

      Established A-Lab, A-Lab Media (current Mtube)

    • April

      Acquired Yujib Fibre Board Co. by Asia Paper MFG Co.

    • May. 16

      Contest for Vision 21 slogan and poster

    • Jun. 21

      Certified KOSHA 2000 Program for the first time in cement industry (certification authority: Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency)

    • Aug. 2

      Award for Vision 21 slogan and poster (Excellence Award for Slogan: “Without Change, No Development; Without Challenge, No Future)

    • September

      Acquired Cheil Industrial Co. by Asia Paper MFG Co.

    • Oct. 9

      Sold stocks of affiliates for rationalization of management (disposal of Taesan Saving Bank)

    • Nov. 22

      Mass production of super strength concrete (800kg/㎠) (supplied to Tower Palace construction site in Dogok-dong)

  • 2000

    • Jan. 4

      Ceremony for Vision 21 declaration (Vision: A company which creates values taking care of people and the environment) & new management philosophy

    • Mar. 11

      Completed action strategies for Vision 21 (introduction of new HR system, establishment of knowledge management system, establishment of strategic goal management system)

    • May. 12

      Shipping ready-mixed-concrete exceeded total 20,000,000m3

    • Jun. 21

      Established A-Lab Co.,(capital ₩5 billion)

    • Sep. 2

      Division ‘Flame’ in Jecheon Plant awarded Presidential Quality Prize (Bronze Medal)

    • Sep. 6

      Director of Jecheon Plant, Hwang, Yu-Yeon awarded Participation Prize in 16th Kyeonghyang Electricity/Energy Grand Prize

    • Oct. 30

      Nominated as excellent company in voluntary agreement (VA) in ’99 (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)