Aggregates, excellent proven by KS certificate from 2006, are produced through crushing a low- grade limestone fromAsia Cement's own limestone mine with latest facilities for dust -prevention facilities ,quality control, and the automated production. Since 2011 , we have expanded our multi-purpose aggregates production system for customized demand.

Classification Product Name KS Certification Standard Purpose Multi-Purpose Aggregate
Crushed Coarse Aggregate For Concrete #57(25mm) ks 25~5mm PC Products , PILE, Electric Poles , And Ready-Mixed Concrete
#67(Grade 1 19 mm) 19~5mm(Dry Product) PC Products , PILE, Electric Poles , And Ready-Mixed Concrete Customized
#78(13mm) ks 13~2.5mm Asphalt Surface Layer , Waterproofing Work , Water Purification Work , Ready-Mixed Concrete Manufacturing
Crushed Fine Aggregate For Concrete Prince 5~3mm(Dry & Wet Products) Medium Sand(Sand) Customized
Medium Sand (Sand) ks 3~0.075mm For Concrete Manufacturing For Preparing Ready-Mixed Concrete
3~0.15mm(Dry Product) Customized
Mixed Aggregate For Base Layer , For Sub-Base Layer 40mm Or Less For Road Pavement Base Layer
Crushed Sand Stone Powder 8mm Or Less Block Manufacturing , Bricks , Mixed Aggregate Mixing
Civil Stone Blasting Stone , Rolling Stone , Filling Stone 150~1,000m Landscaping , River Embankment , Erosion, Etc.