GPC (Green Premixed Cement)

A premix of OPC and binder, this customizing cement offers high-function and high-quality at reduced cost to contend with the buildings becoming taller and larger and more high-quality.

Individual Mix Method (Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant) – Uses individual ingredients

- Standard manufacturing method
- Complicated ingredient scaling and management
- Use of admixture and limited silo facility
- High discrepancies in quality
- Difficult to manufacture specialty concrete

Premix Method (Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant) – Uses GPC

- Performance- / function-centric specialty cement
- Able to add a small portion of admixture
- High-performance blend
- High-strength / low- heat / high-early-strength / spalling resistant

  • Low-heat Low-shrinkage Slag Cement
    A type of blended cement developed to overcome temperature cracking and demoted durability due to heat of hydration, especially in mat foundation of high-rise or large buildings. This nature-friendly low carbon-emission cement’s high-strength and hig...
  • High-early-strength Slag Cement
    A type of slag cement that is similar to OPC but less expensive
  • File grouting Slag Cement
    A type of grouting slag cement that offers satisfactory fluidity to cement mortar and concrete, prevents segregation and achieves high-strength early. This stable and durable product retains great workability as well as excellent resistance to chemic...
  • Ground grouting Slag Cement
    A type of premixed slag cements with specialty enhancer; this universal soil stabilizer is used to reform soft grounds.
  • Blast Furnace Slag Cement (Types 1, 2 and 3)
    Blast furnace slag cement can be classified into 3 types depending on the content of slag. In comparison to Portland cement, this slag cement retains less heat from hydration, higher durability and chemical resistance, and less permeability. It is mo...
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