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Asia Cement supplied the special binding materials for UHPC to sites of bridge construction in USA

Asia Cement(President Lee Hoon Beom) announced that Asia Cement supplied the special  binding materials to sites of bridge construction in USA with UHPC(Ultra High Performance Cement) made by Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology(KICT) on 10th November 2015(local time in USA)

Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology(KICT, President Lee Tai Sik) created the UHPC on 2012. UHPC was a new material by mixed sand, cement, steel fiber which was byproduct of tire manufacturing process and special binding materials made by Asia Cement. This products are more than 8 times stronger than conventional concrete and it has ultra high strength and ultra high durable

Asia Cement and Super Structure 2020 research Team(Team leader Dr. Kim Byong Suck) in Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement(KAIA) are performing joint research into premixing binding materials for 80~180 Mpa Super concrete include UHPC.

UHPC is necessary a process of homogeneously mixing the components with a wide range of particle size and specific gravity in order to apply the thread structure by expression of the high performance. Asia Cement owns a optimal equipment system was called GPC(Green Premix Cement) manufacturing process. Asia Cement supplied 4200 sacks of UHPC binding materials for the USA locally.

GPC equipments of Asia Cement are able to uniformly mix the respective materials. There are features to be able to the concrete construction for superior durability because it can greatly reduce the time to prepare a special concrete mix, such as ultra high strength concrete at the construction site or ready-mixed concrete factories.

Asia Cement have been contributed to the construction technology development through the collaboration with several national and international construction Institute in addition to Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology(KICT) for the special cements to build a coherent system, jointly developed, manufacturing and supply.

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