Company Overview

Affiliated Company

Consolidated Revenue: ₩892.6 Billion/Consolidated Operating Profit: ₩128.6 Billion/Consolidated Net Profit: ₩99.2 Billion/Total Consolidated Assets: ₩2,037.3 Billion/Total Consolidated Shareholders’ Equity : ₩919.6 Billion (As of End of 2021)

Established on Sept. 4th, 2012 to increase productivity and profit through corporate agricultural management of idle lands near plants, this agricultural company cultivates and sells annual plants including rice and beans and highly profitable medicinal herbs including bellflower and milk vetch root.

Jecheon and Yeongweol regions have relatively few natural disasters and the soil is rich with phosphoric acid, organic matters and magnesium, making the area great for farming.

CEO and President Cho, Geon-hee, Lee, Chang-youl
Established Sept. 4th, 2012
Address 4, Songhaksan-ro, Songhak-myeon, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea
Type of Business Cultivation of grains and other food crops
Key Products Rice, beans, special crops, and garden trees